Welcome to our new website!

We have redesigned the U.S. Space website to keep pace with our growth and business line expansion. Our goal is to provide you with easier access to information about our innovative satellite communications services for the U.S. government, the core business that inspired the creation of U.S. Space in January 2009. You can also find information about our new ventures in mobile communications and in-orbit servicing. In News & Resources you’ll find press coverage, editorial commentary, messages from our founders and CEO, press releases and published documents we have found valuable. In About, you can get all the basics on our organization and its leadership. Several of our Leaders – all of whom have extensive success records in the space domain – make observations about our industry and organization on the home page. Creating new models and solutions to address our customers’ needs, based on deep understanding of their businesses is what drives us all. For some of the new approaches we’ve created to address urgent customer needs, please take a look at the home page box called A NEW WAY. Thank you for visiting U.S. Space.