U.S. Space Mobile Communications

Reliable. Secure. Flexible. Stable. Cost-Effective

U.S. Space provides mobile voice, data and video communications to the U.S. Government. We are committed to providing the best available L and C Band solutions over strategically critical areas at a cost-effective price. Multiple security and mission assurance strategies ensure our customers the flexibility and customized end-to-end solutions required to meet their specific needs.

Reliable: Superior solutions (most rugged phones, best user terminals, smallest data modem) and capacity-rich bandwidth availability within strategically critical coverage

Secure: With military-grade encryption, secure routing into your network and built-in redundancy, U.S. Space keeps your voice and data communications completely secure and proprietary.

Flexible: U.S. Space’s multiple beam/service configurations and implementation strategies provide unparalleled support for the mobility of all your users.

Stable: Satellites at geosynchronous orbit provide greater signal strength into a single spot beam for congestion-free service with five times more users on one spot beam than is possible through any other satellite.

Cost-Effective: U.S. Space is dedicated to providing the most competitive pricing in the industry.