Solutions That Fit the Specific Needs of Our Clients

U.S. Space was created to help the U.S. Government meet its increasing demands for cost-effective mobile communications solutions and bandwidth.

U.S. Space tailors its solutions, providing hardware, software, firmware and bandwidth in a configuration that meets the ongoing needs of each customer.

Our L and C band capacity reaches over 70% of the globe including all critical geographies and is configured and implemented in conjunction with the appropriate hardware, firmware and software to provide the bandwidth and flexibility to deliver secure IP voice and data to your most vital geographies. Our solutions have an outstanding record for sustained performance in disasters such as floods, cyclones, fires, and power outages, among others.

Our hardware — from handsets to satellites — is best in class across the board. Our satellite phones are designed to withstand harsh environments with high IP/IK international standards ratings, providing IP data services up to 384kbps streaming IP using a compact modem. Our modems feature both internal and external antenna inputs for portable/fixed/vehicular service and three-axis tracking antenna for marine use that insures the highest data rate offerings.

Our geostationary satellites enable Dynamic Resource Allocation (for natural disaster or scenes of armed conflict) via variable bandwidth within spot beams and/or the ability to utilize up to 20% of its total power into a single beam, or 40% across three beams.

U.S. Space configures our best-in class bandwidth, hardware firmware and software to design a system that fits the precise needs of each customer.