U.S. Space Mobile Communications Leadership

Mark Piegza – Chairman and CFO, Board Member and CFO of U.S. Space, and 18-year investment banker in technology, media and telecommunications. See full bio here

Craig Weston –  Major General, USAF (Ret.), President, CEO and Management Committee Member, President and CEO of U.S. Space, and former Vice President and Deputy Director of a business unit of SRA International. See full bio here

Ed Wright – Chief Operating Officer and Vice President Business Development, 30+ year veteran of the satellite telecommunications and media industries. See full bio here

Dr. Dany Harel – Chief Technology Officer, CTO of U. S. Space LLC, former Sr. Vice President and Chief Scientist of SES Americom. See full bio here

David Gardner – Vice President of Sales Engineering, former Manager of International Sales Engineering at Telesat Canada. See full bio here

Jeff Johnson – Vice President of Contracts, former Contracts Director for several Federal contractors, including Triple Canopy and Sierra Nevada. See full bio here