Advantages vs. GSM/Cellular

The security, flexibility, reliability, stability and customer service of U.S. Space provides a far superior solution to any terrestrial or cellular system.

Flexibility of satellite resource allocation. When additional bandwidth capacity is required, the network can boost satellite power to concentrate up to 20 percent of the total capacity into a single beam, or up to 40 percent across three beams, as demand dictates. Each of the satellites is capable of instantaneously redirecting more than 500 beams in orbit, allowing the system to adapt to business demands in real time and allowing the customer to make changes in bandwidth allocation at any time.

Superior system architecture of the satellite communications network. Customers are assured of continuous border-to-border coverage beyond the boundaries of terrestrial systems and cellular networks.

Intelligent satellite architecture, featuring dynamic resource allocation, minimizing signal congestion in areas where there is a high degree of communication traffic – such as natural disaster zones or scenes of armed conflict.

Higher satellite G/T and EIRP allows for more compact and feature laden terminals than any other competitor.

Innovative solutions geared for military special operations, such as discrete SIM, which scrambles the signal and places the GPS locator coordinates for that SIM into another location within the spot beam, rendering the user’s position safe. We ensure the security of the customer’s voice and data, provided by independent access, bandwidth allocation, encryption and secure routing into the customer’s network.

The first mobile satellite IP modem to support 384K streaming.

Very competitive streaming IP rates. Control on costs through cost effective and efficient usage plans. Our flexible uplink/downlink streaming IP bandwidth feature ensures huge cost savings.

Dedicated capacity service specially created for military users to minimize the limitations of existing systems allowing “follow me lease” and flexible bandwidth allocation.

Flexibility to make changes in the bandwidth allocation by the customer anytime.

Roaming flexibility throughout the contracted satellite footprint, with availability not limited to a spot-beam

Superior network capability, the most rugged phones, better user terminals, the smallest data modem.