Customer Benefits

U.S. Space is dedicated to providing its customers with a unique combination of reliability, security, flexibility, stability, and customer service. Add all that to the most competitive pricing in our industry and U.S. Space provides the greatest value available in the marketplace today.

U.S. Space delivers superior network capability, the most rugged phones, better user terminals, and smallest data modem.

U.S. Space gives customers an unparalleled array of benefits to insure that their needs are met 24/7:

  • Drop-out, congestion-free service with five times the users on one spot beam than the leading provider. There is no no-bounce risk and no jitter, simply the highest available service where and when it’s needed most. Our dedicated capacity services and higher data rates provide assurance of immediately deployable equipment with network enabled capabilities having interoperability on land, sea and air.
  • Industry leading solutions and capacity-rich bandwidth availability within strategically critical coverage areas.
  • High Quality, Military-Friendly Solutions.
  • Unsurpassed voice and data security. U.S. Space ensures the security of the customer’s voice and data, provided by independent access, bandwidth allocation, encryption and secure routing into the customer’s network.
  • Support for mobility of users – customized solutions and a stronger risk profile.
  • Best Pricing/Superior Value – our industry-best prices combined with our world-class solutions, hardware, software and bandwidth combine to provide customers with an unsurpassed level of overall value.
  • Applications: U.S. Space offers solutions for air, sea and land mobile communications covering 70 percent of the globe with access in 140 countries, providing a perfect offering for military, diplomatic, and security applications.