U.S. Space Satellites

The U.S. Space solution is a cost-effective, agile, dedicated and rapidly deployable MilSatCom system with U.S. flagged satellites that can cover the world.  We offer UHF-, X-, and Ka-band satellite communications via dedicated free-flyer satellites.  Our satellite services combine the best features of government procurement and commercial production. U.S. Space makes available the necessary facilities to ensure capabilities for surge augmentation and contingencies for national security missions. Features include:

  • Purpose-built, dedicated free-flyer MilSatCom satellites
  • Seamless integration into military communications infrastructure
  • Use of existing and planned military ground terminals
  • Flexible positioning for global operations using government orbital positions
  • Sufficient fuel to move to different orbital positions at least twice
  • Unsurpassed deployment speed, with in-orbit services from the first satellite in as little as 27 months and global coverage in 48 months
  • For UHF services, a unique package of anti-jam, anti-piracy and dynamic channel programming capabilities
  • High degree of reliability, based on proven technology and management track record
  • Low-risk, proven flight heritage payload, satellite and launcher designs
  • Satellites are launched and operated under U.S. control