Business Approach

U.S. Space is the only American owned-and-operated enterprise to offer military satellite communications (MilSatCom) to the United States government and its Allies on a commercial basis. The company was created for the specific purpose of addressing the government’s challenges in meeting its requirements for critical national security satellite communications through its base of dedicated government satellites and commercial satellites, which are leased from foreign based companies. U.S. Space offers the government A NEW WAY to acquire the satellite communications services it requires.

The U.S. Space commercial MilSatCom business model utilizes industry best practices for the acquisition, build, and launch of the spacecraft combined with the agility, flexibility, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness of private financing. This hybrid approach enables the procurement, production and deployment of satellites at much greater speed than traditional MilSatCom: we offer delivery from contract to on-orbit operations in as few as 27 months. In our core business, we are dedicated to and focused solely on the U.S. government and it allies, enabling a detailed understanding of their needs and solutions that fit their infrastructure.

Instead of the standard government acquisition process, U.S. Space enables the customer to procure communications services on a fee-for-service basis that is privately financed. U.S. Space manages and oversees the entire lifecycle, minimizing the resources required by the customer — and lowering customer risk.

U.S. Space acts as the integrator of the planning, financing, fabrication, launch and operation of military communication satellites, utilizing the industry-leading services of its strategic partners.