Corporate Overview

ViviSat is a new company dedicated to providing satellite operators with in-orbit mission life extension and protection services. ViviSat’s service model delivers a game-changing advance in financial efficiency, operating flexibility and risk mitigation.

The founding strategic investors of ViviSat are U.S. Space LLC and ATK Aerospace Systems. U.S. Space is responsible for marketing and mission management.  ATK is the mission prime contractor, responsible for manufacture and delivery of the spacecraft, launch and ground segments.

Capabilities: The ViviSat Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV) is capable of docking with virtually all in-orbit geosynchronous satellites without interruption to operations.

Services include:

  • Long-term station-keeping and attitude control
  • Relocation of satellites to alternative orbital slots or to different orbits
  • De-orbiting satellites that are at the end of their lives
  • Rescue and re-orbiting of satellites stranded in incorrect orbital positions

Customers: ViviSat offers its services to satellite operators around the world, the U.S. government and its coalition government partners.

Technology: The ViviSat Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV) – is compatible with virtually all geosynchronous satellites. It safely connects to an in-orbit satellite using a space-ready docking system and a suite of integrated proximity sensors to securely rendezvous with the host satellite.