Founding Investors

ViviSat was established by U.S. Space LLC and ATK Aerospace Systems.

U.S. Space LLC was established in January 2009 as a U.S.-owned provider of satellite solutions with a unique model combining the best practices of ComSatCom and MilSatCom. The company, which is run by a small group of highly respected former military and corporate leaders, now offers a variety of dedicated space solutions to serve the interests of the nation and its allies, and commercial customers in the satellite industry.  The company focuses on innovative solutions designed to address specific customer needs in the areas of MilSatCom, in-orbit servicing and mobile communications.

ATK Aerospace Systems is the world’s top producer of solid rocket propulsion systems and a leading supplier of military and commercial aircraft structures. It also specializes in small and micro-satellites; satellite components and subsystems; lightweight space deployables and solar arrays; low-cost, quick to market launch solutions; flares and decoys; and energetic materials and related technologies. The group also has extensive experience supporting human and space payload missions.