Company Overview

U.S. Space LLC offers a broad portfolio of dedicated, commercial space solutions, including MilSatCom, mobile communications, and — through ViviSat — in-orbit servicing.  We are in business to get to the heart of what customers need and create solutions that satisfy those needs in A NEW WAY.

A NEW WAY…To acquire and finance MilSatCom

A NEW WAY…To rebuild satellite capacity – fast

A NEW WAY…To extend the life of satellites in orbit

A NEW WAY…To protect space assets from program delays

A NEW WAY …To buy L-band solutions and bandwidth

A NEW WAY …To serve the nation’s interests, and those of all our customers


We offer services to the U.S. national security community, U.S. civil agencies and coalition government customers, as well as commercial enterprises around the world.

Business Model

Our unique business model draws on the best practices from the public and private sectors to create efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet pressing needs of the customer. We have strong relationships with the financing community, which enable us to bring private capital to public sector customers. We also apply our significant government and commercial experience to provide tailored solutions for each customer.

Current Offerings

MilSatCom: U.S. Space is the only American company to offer MilSatCom on a commercial, privately financed basis. The U.S. Space solution is a cost-effective, agile, dedicated and rapidly deployable MilSatCom system with U.S. flagged satellites that can cover the world.

Mobile Communications: U.S. Space offers mobile communications to the U. S. government over strategically critical geographies.  This economical service provides augmentation to existing L-band networks and direct access to U.S. government customer nodes through independent, secure gateways to service their circuit and packet data needs (encrypted and unencrypted).

In-Orbit Servicing: ViviSat provides satellite operators with in-orbit mission extension and operations protection services that are flexible, scalable and capital efficient.  ViviSat services, which are compatible with most geosynchronous satellites, include rendezvous and docking; long-term station-keeping and attitude control; fleet management; relocation, de-orbiting and rescue. U.S. Space is founding strategic investors, which has dedicated its management expertise to the leadership of ViviSat. ATK Aerospace System also is a founding strategic investor, providing spacecraft, launch and ground segment technology and operations.


U.S. Space is a U.S.-owned provider of dedicated, commercial space solutions to serve the nation’s interests. The company was formed in 2009 to address the nation’s need for dedicated, flexible satellite capacity that could be provided quickly and with private financing. The company provides best-of-breed hybrid development and operations solutions to meet diverse customer needs. The spirit of service, innovation and customer orientation drives all we do.