U.S. Space LLC was founded to offer commercial, privately financed military satellite communications to the U.S. Government, including the Department of Defense.

U.S. Space provides a unique model in its commercial approach to providing MILSATCOM. This approach is based on taking the best of breed practices of Commercial SATCOM and MILSATCOM coupled with the overarching requirements of just one customer, the U.S. Government.

How U.S. Space Was Created

A small group of well-known and highly regarded leaders from the military, national security and private sectors came together in late 2008 to form a Virginia-based venture with the single purpose of creating solutions to America’s urgent need for satellite-delivered communications services. U.S. Space LLC was established in January 2009, and in less than six months, the new company had lined up founding investors, assembled an expert management team, and formed enterprise partnerships with leading satellite service providers. Today, U.S. Space offers the U.S. government innovative satellite service solutions that combine the best attributes of military and commercial satellites. U.S. Space acts as an integrator of the planning, financing, fabrication, launch and operation of a fleet of military communication satellites, utilizing the industry-leading services of its strategic partners. U.S. Space makes available the necessary facilities to ensure capabilities for surge augmentation and contingencies for national security missions.

What Makes U.S. Space Different

  • Unmatched speed of deployment with on-orbit services from the first satellite in as little as 27 months and global coverage in 48 months
  • Communications services that integrate easily into U.S. government infrastructure
  • Operational flexibility and responsiveness, with capabilities to modify channel bandwidth and relocate the satellites to other orbit locations
  • For UHF services, a unique package of anti-jam, anti-piracy and dynamic channel programming capabilities
  • High degree of reliability, based on proven technology and management track record
  • Favorable financial terms, including no upfront investment by customer
  • U.S. Space is an American owned and operated company focused on serving the needs of the U.S. government and its interests